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March 11, 2019

If you want to recover from an injury - you need a plan!

If you want to get healthier, fitter or stronger – you need a plan!

Generally resting for 2 weeks is not a plan to recover from an injury! There may be a few exceptions to that but generally you either need to gent...

December 13, 2018

Don't Get Old! - it's a funny thing to tell someone, but people do say it to me.

Given we generally measure age as the number of years, months, weeks, and days since we were born, we will inevitably get older.

But what is old?

Well definitions vary.

'The later part of norm...

October 29, 2018

So, you may have seen or heard me refer to corrective exercise previously and maybe said I am doing a PT session with a corrective exercise client. You probably weren’t sure what that meant. Often referred to as Postural Analysis and Corrective Exercise or (Functional)...

July 16, 2018

So back in September of last year I took on a new Corrective Exercise /Personal Training client. She has a history of joint problems one of which was regularly recurring shoulder pain lasting a few days most weeks. By the end of December less than 12 weeks later the pa...

January 15, 2018

So parts 1 and 2 related to reducing knee pain whilst going up and down steps, probably the most common time people with knee problems report pain. The other thing they almost all report problems with is getting in and out of chairs, and that is what I address in this...

December 11, 2017

So in part 1 I discussed your knee being above your foot from an anterior or front view now I am going to look at the importance of knee above foot from the side view. This is just as important as particularly if your knee is in front of your toes there is a huge amoun...

November 27, 2017

Rule Number 1: Knee Above Foot (part 1 - front view)

As any of my knee rehab clients or for that matter those who have attended a run clinic with me will tell you I keep on about knee above foot. This is because it is incredibly important in firstly reducing the risk of...

October 16, 2017

Rotator Cuff injuries - can often be easily resolved with massage and exercise.

Now I should be specific here in that if diagnosed with a ‘Frozen Shoulder’ this generally refers to when the shoulder movement is significantly restricted due to the degree of inflammation...

August 14, 2017

The Bigger Picture – Sports/Remedial Massage Therapy

Your body doesn’t work as lots of separate pieces it is all interconnected.

Qualified Sports Massage Therapists (Level 4) are trained to look at the big picture.

So, don’t be surprised if you come to us with knee pain a...

June 5, 2017

Well that more or less sums up a very busy last week. All of course linked by the need to have injuries fixed, managed or prevented through massage therapy. In fact, quite a few triathletes this week, the season must have started (next year I Will get back to racing ag...

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March 11, 2019

December 13, 2018

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Rule Number 1: Knee Above Foot

November 27, 2017

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