COVID-19 and Massages  - Updated 26/04/2021


The next few weeks and months may continue to be a little challenging as we continue to deal with the implications of COVID-19.  

All clients will need to have a socially distanced consultation prior to the appointment. Usually a phone call.

VERY IMPORTANT - Whilst it has always been the policy that you should not come for a massage if you have a virus such as a cold and this remains the same. This however has now increased to include if you have even the slightest symptoms such as a tickle at the back of the throat. Or if anyone you have been in close contact with has any symptoms of coronavirus.

There are never late cancellation charges for people who are ill, because I don’t want any viruses, as it will mean that I can’t work. 


In order to provide sufficient extra hygiene measures, massages will be limited to 5 a day at the moment. And there will be 30 min between appointments to allow for additional cleaning and prevent crossover of clients. (This may be reduced at a later date).

All surfaces that clients may come into contact with will be cleaned with Disinfectant between appointments and the room more deeply cleaned daily. 

I will be wearing a face shield and mask as required by guidelines during all appointments. Government advice (which changed 14/08/2020) is that you are required to wear a face covering/mask for your appointment. You won't have to if you are in one of the exempt groups.


You are asked to wait outside or in your car until I come to the door for your appointment. Please DO NOT enter the waiting area or touch the door handles. 


Towels etc are always washed using a laundry detergent and a laundry disinfectant. And will be transported in a new bin liner once washed and dried to the room.


Payment is preferred by contactless card payments (limit has recently increased to £45 which is conveniently the current price for a massage) or if pre-arranged by direct bank transfer. If neither method is possible cash must be placed in an envelope with your name on it and placed in the basket on the side.


If you have any questions please contact me.