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New Year New You! How about fixing the old you?

Everywhere you look at this time of the year you see businesses offering to somehow change you almost miraculously.

The reality is only you can change you. You need to make the decision to make a change, and then you have to make a plan of how you are going to do that. Sometimes it is simple other times it is more complicated and that is perhaps where you need to ask for some help.

Now does the person/business you ask for help simply tell you to do certain things or do they listen to you and your needs, and consider your abilities and limitations and work out a plan with you that you can agree on.

Your starting point is always to look at what you want to change and why (your motivation for change). The why is very important because it is what is likely to keep you motivated (or not). You then need to be specific about what your goal is. Then you need to consider any obstacles to achieving that goal, often time related such as work and family commitments. Also other things such as previous or current injury, a current medical condition. Make lists of your goals and the benefits of achieving those goals and make sure once you have made your initial list you rewrite it in order of importance. Also list your obstacles, fears etc.

Now I need to emphasise that most obstacles can be overcome or navigated round they are just hurdles (not all surrounding prisons) although this is where you are most likely to need help from someone. Consider this there are many people out there in the world who have much bigger obstacles than you and achieve amazing things. Look at all the athletes in the Paralympics for starters. What they have that you perhaps don’t is focus and this comes from having a structured plan of how you are going to achieve your goals and overcome your obstacles along the way.

If you need help to devise a plan to help you get fitter and stronger, to be able to move with less or no pain, or to improve your mobility and ability to do everyday things then contact me. What do you have to lose by talking to me, what could you gain by contacting me?

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