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My Objectives

My aim is to provide effective solutions for clients with physical issues/constraints. Whether these are acute or chronic injuries, long term postural issues or inefficiencies/imbalances in movement.

I am committed to getting results for my clients, and also expect my clients to be committed to getting the best results. Consistency I believe is the key to this and therefore I will work with you on a frequent, regular and consistent basis to ensure your goals are achieved.

I am committed to providing the highest quality and most appropriate treatment/coaching to my clients, always trying to put the client’s needs first. We will therefore prioritise posture and movement technique above quick fixes, intensity and volume.

The human body is one unified body, its parts are not independent of each other. We will always look at the bigger picture and treat the body as a whole to help you learn to use the body as a unified body rather than the separate component parts.

I will always try to ensure you understand what you are doing and why. Sometimes we will have to go back to basics in order to move forward. It is essential to build a strong secure base on which to progress your fitness goals.

Why work with me?

You want results, to achieve your goals and I have a proven track record as can be seen by my client testimonials of getting results. Helping people with pain and mobility issues, or technical performance issues. Often when other therapists or coaches have failed to solve the problem. This is because of the way I assess the posture and movement of my clients and the hands on approach I use in my massage to give me a feedback that cannot be achieved through other types of therapy. Once the initial symptoms the client has presented with and any secondary causes are addressed I will address primary causes through exercises to rectify postural imbalances and poor movement patterns.



You will get the results you want if you believe in what I coach you to do. If you follow my instructions and are consistent in following the guidance given, you will achieve your goals. My coaching and massage are proven time and time again when instruction is followed and the client is consistent.



I am trained to Level 4 Exercise Referral Specialist and registered with Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

  • Exercise Referral Specialist Chronic Lower Back Pain.

  • Exercise Referral Specialist Cardiac Rehabilitaion.


Over the years I have helped clients to recover rapidly from back problems, broken ankles, frozen shoulder and many other injuries.

I have helped clients train for golf, marathons, triathlons, trans atlantic yacht races and many other sporting challenges.


As a qualified sports massage therapist (Level 4) I have treated injuries of all sorts, for people from all walks of life.

From international athletes to builders, from doctors to bankers.


We all have the same muscles and they should all work in the same way to move our limbs and enable us to carry out everyday tasks without pain, and with appropriate training to enable us to perform sporting activities.




This is a tool which we use to assess faulty movement patterns which may be causing muscle or joint pain.


I have previously used it to assess faulty movement paterns causing joint pain, and to improve running and swimming technique with clients.

The feedback that you get from being able to see your movement in a video and how that movement differs from the ideal really helps you the client to visualise what you are trying to achieve. 

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