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Here are a few of the things my current and former clients have had to say about me, the way I work and more importantly what I have done for them.


"I have had Osteo-Arthritis for a very long time over 40 years, and so many times I was told it's arthritis and it will get only get worse as you get older. Initially I was told I would be in a wheelchair by the age of 50 when I met Jonathan 10 years ago aged 65 I was still walking but badly with crutches and in a lot of pain. Now 10 years on, with weekly visits from Jonathan I walk with confidence, drive my car and according to the doctors and specialists I do see, I probably have the straightest back in Colchester for someone of my age. Thank you Jonathan for your care, skill, patience and ability to cope with all my arthritic problems as they have developed."

Jenny M , Retired Nurse


"Knowing Jon for ten years I have come to appreciate the value of his approach to fitness. Jon impresses by his ability to pull threads together and the trouble he takes to profile his clients so that every detail of his work with them targets their needs. In recent years Jon has become an expert on rehabilitation, particularly cardiac rehabilitation, and is becoming known among the local medical profession as the consultant of choice to optimise their patients’ recovery. Jon helped me enormously ten years ago as I recovered from a serious cycling accident and continues to draw on his expertise to provide me with excellent advice."

Mark T, Company Director


"I was recommended to Jonathan by a family member, who promised me he was like no other physio! After seeing two previous physiotherapists and seeing no progression with my hip flexor injury, I decided it was worth a try. Well it was the best decision I ever made. I have to travel over an hour to reach his clinic but it is worth it as Jonathan is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. We have made significant progress with my injury over the past few months and he is also now advising me on how to return to my training and provides stretches for me to work on in between my sessions. We are now working on a whiplash injury too, I only wish I lived closer so I could have more sessions! Thanks Jonathan for your support and care."

Katie F, Events Manager


"I reluctantly sought treatment for a stiff back using Jonathan based on a recommendation.  I have been extremely impressed by the manner in which Jonathan has treated my problem and now seek his services on a regular basis.  It is refreshing to be treated by somebody with a tenacity and strength to release the pockets of tension and pain I experience.  In particular the pressure that Jonathan applies to release deep seated tension is second to none and ensures after every treatment I feel like I am making significant progress. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Paul B, Engineer


"I heard about Jonathan before I even realised I needed him.  Based on a glowing reference from a friend I sought out his services as a sports massage therapist.  From the outset I was impressed by his patience in listening to me explain the long term problem I have and then in the manner he has treated my injury.  I am so impressed that I have continued to visit Jonathan for maintenance massages and have recommended him to many of my friends.  I now intend to explore some of the other services he offers, such is the confidence I have in his abilities and professionalism.  I have seen more than ten physios and sports therapists in the years I have been an amateur triathlete and without a doubt his services are the best I have received."

Sam G, 



"Jonathan Martin has helped me manage my chronic back condition for several years. I am so glad that I discovered him as my quality of life has improved immensly. My pain levels and muscle spasms have reduced and my flexibility has improved. he gives excellent advice in regards to exercise, fitness and posture. I can highly recommend him for all of the above and his sports massage technique is excellent."

Kim M, Nurse

"I am an age group triathlete who has benefited from Jonathan Martin’s multiple skills for over 15 years.

This year has been my most successful triathlon season ever. In my age group I won the English and British Championships and came 9th in the World Championships.

Jonathan has played a huge part in my success. Over the years he has analysed my swimming and running techniques and coached me on correct form. To the extent my body bio-mechanics would not allow me to swim, bike or run with good form and efficiency, he recommended targeted stretching and strengthening exercises which over time corrected my bio-mechanical issues.

During heavy race seasons Jonathan gave me weekly massages to loosen tight, stiff muscles so that I could train harder and longer and to help prevent injury. That said I still got some injuries: this season alone I had a badly bruised calf (after running 2 miles with cramp), Quadriceps tendinitis from biking too many hills and a strained hamstring from running downhill too fast. With each injury Jonathan advised me on the appropriate rest period and treatment, worked on damaged tissue and got me ready for my next big race.

Thanks Jonathan I would not have even made it to the start of the British Nationals without you!"

David H  

"Having moved home and in need of a trainer I was introduced to Jonathan by a neighbour. I had a history of knee pain and a recent shoulder injury along with recently being diagnosed with having hyper mobility syndrome. I was also aware that at 56 I had done and did no cardiovascular exercise and although I realised this was an important part of getting and staying fit I was very uncomfortable with getting out of breath.

Jonathan asked me at the start of the year if I had any goals I would like to achieve and I tentatively said that I felt I needed to do cardiovascular exercise, not really thinking it would be possible. I am delighted to say that three months in I am comfortable getting very out of breath. I feel my fitness has improved. My mobility is better than it has been for years and I feel very confident with exercising safely but also moving forward. I highly recommend Jonathan as a PT."

Tracey S

Company Secretary

Run Clinic Feedback

I would like to thank you Jonathan Martin for a hugely interesting seminar on running. I really enjoyed it and would urge everyone to take part.



I second that! Thanks!


Thanks for yesterday, ran this morning. Concentrated on keeping my left foot straight and not leaning to the left when I started getting tired. Knee feels fine but my legs don't half ache!

Please feel free to post other group sessions like this on Clacton Cycling and Running club Facebook page.





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