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knee, hip, ballance exercise

Knee, Hip and Balance Classes

Weekly Tuesdays

St Osyth Village Hall 


& 11:15-12:15


If you live elsewhere in Tendring and would like to see a class near you please let me know.

  • This class is a very gentle exercise class for anyone suffering from knee or hip pain on a constant or regular basis.

  • All movements in the class are performed in a slow and steady manner.

  • Some of the exercises may feel a little uncomfortable and that is normal in order to make improvements.

  • At no time should anything be painful or at least no more painful than is normal for you.

  • The aim is to teach you how to reduce the stress on your joints and improve your mobility.

If you have any questions about whether this class is suitable for you please phone or email me.

07980 695185

Do please note that the nature of my work means that I am often unable to answer the phone, but if you leave a message I will get back to you when I can.

Here are a few things current class participants have said about the class:

"I have only been attending the class about 3 weeks but I find it very helpful and Jonathan helps everyone with their problems and mobility issues."

"Thank you for helping me with mobility and self-esteem."

"I will definitely continue coming and recommend you when I have chance."

"I cannot recommend this class highly enough! Jonathan is an excellent tutor. The classes are gentle enough for anyone with severe mobility problems but give a good workout."


“ It’s amazing my knees no longer hurt when I get up and down to and from chairs.”

"Not only has my knee pain reduced but my back ache has gone as well."

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