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You want to be able to move or exercise without pain or without risk of harm from a medical condition you may suffer. You perhaps fear activity because of your problem, my goal is to help you regain fitness and confidence through safe corrective exercise and massage therapy.

My approach is to 'always ask why' or for that matter 'why not'. If you do not fully understand the problem then how can you really fix it?



Sports massage can be used to treat specific muscle and joint problems or as a means of preventing injury in those who exercise frequently. I am able to treat back and neck pain, knee pain, muscle strains, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and many other problems, If you are unsure if I can help just ask.



I provide one to one training either in your own home or at a dedicated personal training studio. You will be guided through appropriate exercise and movement to meet the needs of your condition. You will follow a structured routine that progresses with you until you reach a point where you are confident in your own ability to exercise safely.


If you prefer not to work alone or would like to split some of the cost with a friend then I can provide group training for 2-4 people at one time. You will each need to be assessed separately first to ensure your appropriate needs will be addressed.


This class is suitable for people with knee and/or hip pain whether or not you have been diagnosed with arthritis, and is particularly useful for pre and post joint replacement surgery. Maximum class size is 14 people so that everyone can get the supervision and help that they need. I have been running this class very successfully for a couple of years but am currently rolling it out to new venues.



Video analysis is used to assess individuals technique so as to reduce injury risk, improve efficiency and therefore increase speed and endurance. This can be on a one to one basis or as a group session. The session will also include advice on drills, complementary exercise and appropriate stretching.



This is a tool that is useful in assessing people with injuries and joint problems. Movement patterns can be recorded and played back in slow motion to analyse and understand where imbalances are occuring. Corrective exercises and stretches can then be given to modify these movement patterns to reduce pain and prevent further injury.

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