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The following is feedback received via Facebook and Messenger to the recent run clinic (19/11/16). 

I would like to thank you Jonathan Martin for a hugely interesting seminar on running. I really enjoyed it and would urge everyone to take part.



I second that! Thanks!


Thanks for yesterday, ran this morning. Concentrated on keeping my left foot straight and not leaning to the left when I started getting tired. Knee feels fine but my legs don't half ache!

Please feel free to post other group sessions like this on Clacton Cycling and Running club Facebook page.


There are no current dates set for the next run clinic.


This group session will be limited to 12 people.

What's included?

The session will begin with a discussion of the key points we are looking to achieve and why. We will look at common problems and their causes and initially look at ways to rectify these causes.

Later in the session you will have the opportunity to practice these exercises.


I will then get you all to run and video you doing so.


We will then spend some time as a group going through a number of running drills to try to improve your technique. You can then spend some more time practicing these drills whilst I run through individually with you your filmed technique.


Individually I will discuss with you what you need to work on and how.

We will finish the session running through stretches to help correct various imbalances.



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