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How much would you pay to be pain free tomorrow?

How much would you pay to be pain free tomorrow? (from most joint or muscle pain)

Chances are that is not going to happen. Sometimes after a knee or hip replacement people will say that they feel pain free for the first time in ages.

Most joint and muscle pain that people suffer is the result of long term problems and particularly imbalances. The fact that these issues have built up over a long period of time is exactly why the problem is unlikely to be cleared up overnight or with one treatment of anything. Hopefully after your first treatment you should feel some improvement but sometimes it can take one or two sessions just to loosen up all the muscles that have tightened up around the actual problem area, before we can

really treat the cause of your pain.

So think about how much you would be willing to pay to be pain free tomorrow and then think about spreading that over 1 session a week for anywhere between 3 and 6 weeks to start with. It might not be immediate relief but very few things are achieved immediately they take time. You could be pain free within that 3 to 6 weeks wouldn’t that be worth it? It may take longer it depends on the number of related issues you have. Generally from my point of view as a massage therapist most people will be significantly better within that 3 to 6 week timescale.

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