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Teachers, Triathletes, Business men, Brokers and British Champions

Well that more or less sums up a very busy last week. All of course linked by the need to have injuries fixed, managed or prevented through massage therapy. In fact, quite a few triathletes this week, the season must have started (next year I Will get back to racing again), and teachers of different types (school, swimming and dance). I mentioned my PT client the other week who has in the space of 7 weeks gone from almost constant pain related to posture to being more or less pain free and now achieving things 8 weeks ago she wouldn't have thought possible.

Speaking of pain free a massage client I have been working with for a little while now who came to me with the worst cases of rotator cuff impingement I have seen is now able to sleep without pain when lying on her side. This is a huge result given the degree of restricted movement she initially had and the frustrations of lack of progress through the NHS.

Other huge achievements this week a client becoming British Age Group Triathlon Champion now I am obviously not claiming all the credit for this, he is the one who has put the hours of work in. However, it was very nice of him to say thank you to me for the help I have given through massage to sort out injuries that have occurred, through gait analysis to assess imbalances and weaknesses and the PT sessions we then did to teach him how to redress those imbalances. These things together with his determination and self-discipline have meant that although he is getting older he is as quick if not quicker than in previous years whilst those competing around him are perhaps slowing with age.

Age itself is rarely the big barrier people to make it out to be. The problem is the accumulation of imbalances from years of poor movement. And that can be addressed with massage, exercise and stretching.

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