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Rule Number 1- Knee Above Foot (Part 3)

So parts 1 and 2 related to reducing knee pain whilst going up and down steps, probably the most common time people with knee problems report pain. The other thing they almost all report problems with is getting in and out of chairs, and that is what I address in this article. Once you have had a quick read have a watch of the videos below which explain and demonstrate the wrong and right ways to position yourself from firstly a front view and then a side view.

So you are sat in a chair and go to get up but find you can't, or at least not without leaning on something with your arms or twisting in some strange fashion. When I work with people who have this issue the most common problem is that their knees come together so that they are either not in line with the feet or the hips and often both. They then sometimes place their hands on their thighs and try to push down on their legs at the same time as the legs are trying to push up - not helpful. They may also lean too far forward or sit too upright.

What we need to do is create a strong balanced position from which to move upwards. That means feet approximately shoulder width apart with your bottom shuffled forward a little. Your knees should be above the ball of your foot. You then need to lean your upper body forward from the hip so your back remains fairly straight and that the shoulders are just behind your knees. A sort of concertina position similar to how many mechanical lifting devices work. Your hinge points are your hips and your knees mainly, with movement also at your ankles. We want to push up and forward with our hips and backwards with our knees at the same rate to bring us to standing smoothly if we do this our shoulders/head remain above the knees the whole time keeping us balanced. It sounds long winded but once you get the hang of it you will wonder why you ever struggled in the first place.

For further help you could attend one of my Knee, Hip and Balance Classes or book an individual appointment.

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