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Why my client no longer needs shoulder surgery!

So back in September of last year I took on a new Corrective Exercise /Personal Training client. She has a history of joint problems one of which was regularly recurring shoulder pain lasting a few days most weeks. By the end of December less than 12 weeks later the pain was a lot less regular would last no more than a day and on top of that she was able to pinpoint what had triggered the pain. Now she no longer requires surgery, has had further improvements, can carry out activities she previously found impossible and consequently her confidence has improved.


Well the first thing we looked at was her posture, which was not good. This is generally the case in incidents of shoulder pain and is the first thing that should be addressed when trying to remedy it. Unfortunately life these days doesn't do us any favours as it tends to revolve around activities that involve our arms being extended in front of us often with our palms down e.g. typing, driving etc. Long-term this leads to a rounding of the shoulders and an internal rotation of the arm. This position isn't too much of a problem when doing the previously mentioned activities, however if you try to lift things to the side, reach behind you or above your head it can be. This is because the bones are not in the position they are designed to work in.

The solution.

Deep Tissue (Sports) Massage will relieve muscle tension that is holding the joints out of alignment but only combined with exercise to tighten weak muscles in the back will you pull the shoulders and arms back into alignment and maintain it. Re-education of correct movement patterns and improved postural awareness are also required for a really comprehensive recovery.

The video below explains 3 simple exercises you can do.

I believe that in almost all cases of shoulder pain unless you have bony growths within the joint this process will reduce the pain and improve the movement.

For further information or to book an appointment phone or email me.

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