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Plantar Fasciitis - Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

  • A pain in the sole of the foot.

  • Normally this is just excessive muscle tension between the heel and the ball of the foot.

  • The tell-tale sign you have this is that you have difficulty putting your foot down properly without pain when you get up in the morning.

  • Your GP may tell you that it usually clears up by itself in 6-18 months, they may offer you cortisone injections (these don’t always work and often the effect wears off within a few weeks – not always in some cases it does work).

  • Alternatively they may send you to a physiotherapist. I have seen clients that have been given stretching exercises and in some cases have been offered orthotics.

  • Sports Massage does work in my experience.

  • In most of the cases I have treated the condition has significantly improved with one session and in most cases cleared up within three sessions.

  • Painful – The treatment is painful but so is the Plantar Fasciitis. A treatment lasts 25-45 minutes depending on whether there are related issues in the calf muscles. Plantar Fasciitis can last months and in extreme cases lead to a heel spur.

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